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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sifter

Ultrasonic Vibrating Sifter

Ultrasonic Vibrating sieve machine Brief Introduction The Ultrasonic Vibrating wave (mechanic wave) added on the sieve mesh makes superfine powder accept the giant ultrasonic acceleration which restrains blockage factors which includes adhesion, friction, wedging etc and improves sieving and......

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The ultrasonic vibrating sifter is equipped with an ultrasonic mesh frame on the basis of the XZS series vibrating screen. The ultrasonic power source and the ultrasonic transducer convert the ultrasonic waves into high-frequency mechanical waves and transmit them to the screen surface for good screening purposes. It is mostly used for screening operations of ultrafine powder and ultrafine powder.

The ultrasonic screening system is capable of screening heavy, light, ultra-fine, and strongly adsorbable powders that cannot be separated by ordinary screening machines, and is effective for almost all difficult-to-screen powders. 

The ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave) attached to the screen allows the ultrafine powder to receive a large ultrasonic acceleration, improve the flattening of the low-density powder in gravity settlement (light contact between the powder and the mesh port), slip effect, and improve high density. 

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