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A Solution To The Circle Of The Bottom Frame Of A Circular Vibrating Screen
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Round shaker with dust cover, small V seal, small v-shaped ring, top screen frame, letter grid, big U seal, large U-shaped ring, bottom frame, small V seal , Small V-ring, vibration body, vibration motor, damping spring, the bottom bracket.

The most critical part of the circle is in the exciting body and the bottom of the frame with a boot bottom frame on the vibrating motor generated by the three vibration generated 360 degrees non-stop rotation. Do not stop rotating will have a small V seal damage, with a small beam ring jitter caused by the screen surface material can not be effective and reasonable screening process. The following is the company's technical staff after years of accumulated experience and research to come to an effective solution to share with you:

1, remove the bottom chassis replaced with a new small V seals to ensure a stable combination.

2, to see if there is no damage to the ring beam bolts; have to be replaced immediately with new bolts to strengthen the fastening efforts.

3, in the installation of the bottom of the ring lock ring while wearing the rubber hammer to live a small ring ring a week hit; to prevent loosening in the boot.

4, a small beam of the spiral on the ring with a wrench to the highest point, so as to avoid loose bolts damaged.

5, after turning on the machine to observe the normal operation of the machine for 15 minutes to prevent loosening.

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