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Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Straight Screen Wood Grid
Aug 23, 2018

Where are the advantages and disadvantages of the straight screen wood grid?


Wooden grids are commonly used in linear vibrating screens, because it is convenient to change the grids, customers do not have special requirements to choose more wooden grids, wooden grids can use bouncing balls to increase the penetration rate, effectively prevent screen clogging, suitable for the screening of powdery materials. Wooden grids are relatively inexpensive is the poplar grids, and the Korean pine is relatively expensive, this customer choice, relative to the metal grids to benefit a lot.

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First, the advantages of the wooden grid:

1. Price Advantage: Compared with iron grids, the price of wooden grids is really low, so when purchasing vibrating screen can buy several sets of spare, from the production point of view is not inferior to other materials grids.

2. Maintenance Advantage: Wooden grids are easy to replace, manufacturers can save a lot of effort in the late maintenance, when the need to replace the whole set of grids can be replaced directly, to ensure the continuation of production.

3. Screening Advantage: Each material grid is used on the vibrating screen, because the characteristics of materials are different, so when the iron grid can not screen, the wooden grid has played a role, which is also one of the advantages of the wooden grid bar.

Two, the shortcomings of wooden grid:

1. After all, the wooden grid is made of wood. If the inferior grid is chosen, wood chips may fall down and mix in the material when the vibrating screen is working. This will have an impact on the screening quality, so when choosing the wooden grid, try to choose a good wooden grid.

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