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Attention To The Installation Of Screen Mesh For Linear Vibrating Screen
Feb 09, 2018

Straight-line screening sieve installed right or not and the installation of the details and skills directly affect the durability of the screen and the use of results

1. Be sure to select the thicker wire diameter screen, because the sieve screen installation is relatively complicated.

2. When cutting, the mesh width and grid can be consistent, the length must be longer than the grid 50 ~ 70mm.

3. Installation, the screen must be tight, because the tightness of the screen is an important factor affecting the screening efficiency.

4. The installation of netball, we must pay attention to consider the material screening difficulty and mesh, can not blindly install.

5. If the proportion of the material is larger or the screen mesh number is higher, should be added below the screen mesh nets suitable mesh, the purpose is to play a supporting role to reduce the pressure on the screening material to extend its useful life .

6. After the grid is assembled to the sieve box as required, remember to extend the sieve that grows to the corresponding discharge port to avoid mixing phenomenon.

7. When installing the pressure plate, be sure to pay attention to its flatness, and lined with a highly elastic sponge sealing tape uniform locking, because it is both the key to prevent mixing occurs, but also affect the life of the screen an important factor.

8 installation is completed, should first use a little material on the screening machine screening and screening of the situation, if the material is transported forward evenly, and grading accurate, no mixing phenomenon, then it can be put into use; the other hand, if there is deviation or Poly pile and other non-uniform phenomenon, should be adjusted sieve mesh surface smoothness and uniformity; if mixed phenomenon, should check the screen seal and whether the compression.

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