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Drum Screen
Aug 24, 2018

The drum screen is divided into five parts: drum, frame, funnel, speed reducer, and motor. After the broken stone material enters the drum, on the one hand, it is screened with the rotation of the drum. On the one hand, the granularity of the stone material flows forward along the slope of the drum and is gradually screened out through the screen of different nets. The small stones are sifted out and fall into their respective funnels. They are then transported manually or self-flowing to the finished product pile.


Performance characteristics of drum sieve:

1, adopts the rolling transportation principle, the friction coefficient is small, the wear is light, the sieve hole is not easy to block.

2, roller support adopts the overall coaxial structure, smooth operation, no vibration, low noise.

3, the internal roller screen accessories adopt a split body design, simple structure, fast and convenient replacement maintenance.

4, the roller body adopts an effective fully sealed structure, no dust, no pollution.

5, the operation is safe and reliable, adopts the deceleration drive, the transmission efficiency is high, the power of the belt is small, the energy consumption is low, the energy saving effect is obvious.

6, can adopt different sieve material according to customer request, sieve hole size, sieve high efficiency, long service life, low maintenance cost.

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