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Gypsum Powder Screening Why Choose Ultrasonic Vibration Screen
Aug 23, 2018

Gypsum powder screening why choose ultrasonic vibration screen

Natural gypsum is crushed to form gypsum powder of different sizes, so it can not meet the needs of the next stage of production, this time needs to use screening equipment, that is, ultrasonic vibration screen screening treatment, after calcination of finished products.

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So why choose ultrasonic vibration screen? Ultrasound vibrating screen has a set of ultrasonic generating device more than ordinary vibrating screen. The vibration frequency of ordinary vibrating screen is far worse than the high-frequency electric energy wave released by ultrasonic vibrating screen. High-frequency electric energy wave can make the material can not contact with the screen for a long time, so the net penetration rate is high and the net is not blocked. Ultrasound vibrating screen is developed to solve some material characteristics, gypsum powder has a certain viscosity, that is, adhesion, when the gypsum powder into the ordinary screen will appear paste mesh, screening can not be carried out. If we use ultrasonic vibrating screen to screen, this problem will be solved, so I recommend that we can use ultrasonic vibrating screen in the screening of gypsum powder.

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