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How Does The Square Swing Screen Perform In The Starch Industry?
Aug 23, 2018

How does the square swing screen perform in the starch industry?

Square rocking screen is suitable for many industries, one of which is the ideal starch screening equipment, starch in our life is very common known as powder. Widely used in food and industry, the following explains the starch in the screening of the difficult problem and the direction of the swing screen can be solved.

According to the square swing screen design is not difficult to see is designed to meet the high yield, starch in the first drying, humidity is 17%, the number of meshes is 100 mesh, generally an hour is about a ton of output. If starch is sifted more easily than a ton when it is drier, it is also related to the size of the equipment. Long-term experience in starch screening shows that the main difficulty of starch screening is easy agglomeration, and the main problem affecting the screening is the size of humidity. The square swing screen is a straight line swing motion mode, imitating the principle of artificial screening motion, so that the material in the screen roll motion, more uniform parts on the screen top, coupled with swing screen equipped with automatic tension and automatic cleaning screen system, ingeniously solved the difficult problem of starch screening, thus fully applicable. Screening of starch.

Square rocking screen adopts closed dust removal to prevent dust flying, and up to 5 times the unit area output; accurate to 6-stage separation, screening efficiency as high as 90% - 95%; and noise < 75 dB. The equipment uses a stable reinforced base, the movement is very stable on the ground to produce a small load, the square swing screen is an ideal starch screening equipment, worthy of your purchase.

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