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It Is Necessary To Check The Roller Screen Regularly.
Feb 09, 2018

The drum screen has become an indispensable tool in our construction, if the damage is likely to affect the progress of the project, so the maintenance equipment often, is to ensure the production quality, basic safety operation, requires frequent maintenance cycle, and the location, steps: drum sieve to repair often repair parts: drum sieve, sieve drum the isolation spring, the various parts of the bolts, the joints and welding parts.

1, check the drum screen screen every week if there is any relaxation, breakage or breakage. If there is such a situation, it is necessary to reopen or replace parts in time.

2, every day to check the drum screen vibration isolation spring has no scratch or break, if there is, should be changed in time.

3, check each part of the bolt and anchor bolt every day to see if there is any loosening or damage and timely tightening or replacement.

4, check around every week whether there are any cracks or cracks on the joints and welds. If any happens, they must be re welded. If they are serious, they need to replace the sieves to ensure safety in production.

Be familiar with the damaged parts and processing methods of the above screening devices. It can save time and effort for the maintenance and maintenance of the screening equipment. It can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the safety of the operation.

Careful observation and recording, taking effective measures according to local conditions, is essential to the maintenance of the machine for the drum screen, and to improve the efficiency and life of the machine.

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