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Material Accumulation On The Linear Vibrating Screen?
Aug 23, 2018

How large is the impact of material accumulation on the linear vibrating screen?


Material accumulation is a common problem in screening, which is a more difficult problem for linear vibrating screen. Once material accumulation occurs, the machine may be blocked or unable to continue production, resulting in losses to customers. Our factory has been a vibrating screen industry for more than 30 years. Summarize the reasons and solutions of material accumulation of linear vibrating screen.

1. The screen is not properly installed or damaged.

If the screen is found to be damaged or loosened, the screen should be tightened or replaced in time to avoid affecting the screening effect. Screen loosening is the direct cause of material accumulation of linear vibrating screen. Because the screen and screen frame do not form resonance during the screening process after the screen loosening, it is difficult to form elastic stress near the screen, resulting in the material only in the middle of the material on both sides of the phenomenon of no material, so users should periodically detect screen loosening.

Two. Surface flatness

The installation of linear vibrating screen requires flat ground. If the initial installation and commissioning of the installation of flatness is not enough, because the inclined material of the screen surface to one side of the deviation, the linear vibrating screen itself does not adjust the function, but to a parallel direction movement, so the installation of linear vibrating screen should be used to measure flatness, avoid No two reinstall.

Three. Lack of feed device.

The separator of linear vibrating screen plays an important role in the process of material entering the screen surface. Small vibrating screen without separator can operate normally. But if the screen surface is too wide, the separator will play an important role.

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