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Method For Checking Swing Sieves In Running State
Aug 24, 2018

Method for checking swing sieves in running state

Check method:

First, use the newly developed sieve automatic alarm equipment, which can monitor the status of the sieve at all times, find the sieve broken or abnormal sieve or alarm to achieve real-time monitoring.

Second, random sampling to detect material accuracy, according to the number of screens used in the use of materials is also different, so once the accuracy of the resulting materials is found to be insufficient or too many unqualified materials are found during sampling screening accuracy, the screen damage should be immediately shut down. Replace the screen;

Third, the observation port is installed at the dust cover, and the observation port is installed at the dust cover of the vibration screen. The operating status of the sieve surface material and the situation of the screen net can be observed intuitively.

Fourth, regularly check the output and sieve accuracy, if there is instantaneous production or small, it indicates that the sieve has problems. The output of different types of swing sieves also has a certain range. If the output suddenly increases during the production process, the sieve may have been damaged, and it should be stopped immediately to replace the sieve. If the output is too small to explain the material clogging mesh hole serious please promptly clean up;

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