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Methods To Prevent The Blockage Of The Screw Conveyor
Feb 09, 2018

Screw conveyor because of conveying material space is small, the material is very sensitive; twisted screw shaft is easy to produce material around the entanglement; there are easy to plug the center of the hanging bearing material. Therefore, blockage is the most common screw conveyor failure, light blockage will affect the production, increase power consumption, serious will burn out the motor, screw off the screw, affecting the normal production.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of congestion, to prevent the occurrence of congestion can be the following:

1. Fair to choose the technical parameters of the screw conveyor, such as slow screw conveyor speed can not be too large.

2. Strict implementation of the operating procedures, so that no-load start, no-load parking; ensure continuous feeding of the average.

3. Canada's largest outlet or lengthened trough the end, in order to solve the problem of poor discharge or late discharge of the problem. At the same time, but also in the spout trough the end of the installation of a small anti-spin blade to prevent the end blocking material.

4. On the conveyor into the material required for liquidation, in order to prevent miscellaneous impurities or fibrous impurities into the machine caused by congestion.

5. As far as possible to reduce the horizontal center of the bearing size to reduce the material through the central bearing blocking material may be blocked.

6. Install bin level sensor and jam sensor, to take the initiative to control and alarm.

7. In the discharge end cover to open a blocking valve. Produce blockage, because the accumulation of materials, open the anti-blocking door, with the same heart through the process switch off power.

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