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Millet Screening Tool - Small Linear Vibrating Screen
Aug 23, 2018

The millet arrived at the harvest season, at this time must face the millet screening problem, the earliest millet dedusting shell needs to be screened slowly, too time-consuming and laborious. However, there is now a sieving tool for screening millet: small linear vibrating screen. It's an absolute substitute for manual work, and it's very productive, so you don't have to worry about screening millet after harvest anymore.

Millet evenly enters the feed inlet of the screening machine from the feeder, and produces several sieve objects of different specifications through multi-layer screen mesh, which are discharged from their respective outlets. Small linear vibrating screen with low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust spill, automatic discharge, more suitable for pipeline operation. Welcome new and old customers to visit the factory, you can carry out machine test results.


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