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Overview Of Shock Absorber Springs For Vibrating Screen Accessories
Aug 23, 2018

Overview of shock absorber springs for vibrating screen accessories:

Vibration damping spring is an essential part of vibrating screen. The damping spring on the vibrating screen is an important part connecting the screen body and the base. It plays a buffer role in the working process of the vibrating screen so that the material can move forward on the screen without damaging the vibrating screen.

Classification of shock absorber springs for vibrating screen accessories

The damping spring is divided into steel wire compression spring, rubber spring and composite spring.

1. Steel wire compression spring.

Compressed by steel wire, mostly circular, generally equal pitch, wire spring coil and ring between a certain gap, under external pressure will shrink.

Wire spring


2. Rubber spring

The rubber spring is made of natural rubber and is a high elastic body. It has the characteristics of waterproof, high temperature resistance, low noise, electrical insulation, long service life, low cost and high resilience.


3. Composite spring

Compound spring combines the characteristics of rubber spring and steel coil spring as a whole, and the material is also an elastic body combining the two. The advantages of both are integrated, and the shortcomings of the two are improved. It has the characteristics of good stability, high load capacity, vibration isolation and noise reduction. It is suitable for large vibration equipment in mines, coal, metallurgy and other industries.


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