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Requirements Of Chemical Vibrating Screen For Screening Different Materials
Aug 23, 2018

Chemical vibrating screen mainly serves the screening of different materials in the chemical industry. Chemical industry plays a very important role in China's economy. Many products in our life have been screened by chemical vibrating screen. Different materials also have different screening standards, such as food chemicals, chemical chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals can not be generalized, we will be based on different screening requirements and material characteristics to screen processing.


1. Vibrating screen for food and chemical industry

Food and our lives are inseparable, the state treats the food chemical industry has strict standards, must comply with the national GMP hygiene and safety certification, in the production process can not have the slightest pollution standards. Therefore, according to the characteristics of food chemical shaker, the material is made of stainless steel, generally using 304 or 316 two models. The contact parts must be smooth, clean and hygienic, and the accessories used must meet production needs.

Two. Pharmaceutical and chemical vibrating screen.

Drugs and food have the same stringent requirements, need to meet the GMP hygiene and safety certification, in any link can be careless. Material or stainless steel material, screen surface polishing treatment to achieve smooth and clean effect, in the pharmaceutical and chemical vibrating screen factory should be sterilized. If you encounter inflammable and explosive materials to assemble explosion-proof motor can be, all accessories must be used in safe and sanitary conditions.

Three. Vibrating screen for chemical materials.

The screening of chemical materials should be in accordance with the characteristics of materials, such as adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, high precision, high density, light specific gravity and other issues need to install ultrasonic equipment, for flammable and explosive chemical materials must install explosion-proof motor.

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