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Selection Of A Suitable Vibration Sieve Mesh
Aug 24, 2018

Selection of a suitable vibration sieve mesh from the analysis of material characteristics


How to choose the vibration sieve net correctly is also a great knowledge, sieve screen selection is appropriate, directly affects the sieve efficiency and production capacity of sieve. Today, according to the characteristics of the material to choose the problem of vibration sieve screen with everyone to make a simple introduction, hoping to choose in the future sieve can help you.

1, the use of cursor caliper measurement: measurement should be based on the maximum particle diameter of the material, the selection of screening mesh aperture should be greater than the size of the particle diameter, mainly because the material in the screening process aperture of 10 % large enough to discharge, without affecting the quality of screening.

2, the difference between the material and the material is large. For example, sand and stone are between 2.5-3 tons per cubic meter, and grain materials are between 800-1000 kilograms per cubic meter. If the same particle size material, the difference in specific gravity screening speed will be relatively large, including the size of water content. It will also affect material screening efficiency, Therefore, the user knows that the size of granularity may not be able to choose the appropriate sieve net. It is necessary to combine the actual situation with the manufacturer to study together to select a more suitable aperture.

3, sticky materials. The material with excessive viscosity is easy to stick the mesh and plug the hole in the screening process. When selecting the mesh, it is not easy to choose the perforation plate or the spline mesh. It is necessary to select the woven mesh with fine silk diameter. In addition, the ultrasonic transducer device can be added to the grid site.

4, for the lighter proportion of material screening efficiency will be greatly reduced. For example, paprika powder, starch in the screening material slow, low permeability, should choose roller sieve or airflow sieve will be better.

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