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Simple Self Repairing And Notices For Mine Vibrating Screen
Aug 23, 2018

Mine vibrating screen in the use of the overall structure of the general will not be a problem, but some parts in the operation of vibrating screen will produce some wear, this time will be self-repair, replacement or maintenance, etc., the following will talk about the mine vibrating screen need self-repair of the important components and use of attention


1. Key points for maintenance of mine vibrating screen:

1. triangle tension belt: if the triangle belt is found loose and broken, please replace it in time.

2. screen surface: the wear degree of the screen surface requires the operator to choose whether to replace it according to the wearing degree of the screen surface.

3. shock absorber spring: when vibration displacement occurs or damage, please replace it in time.

4. bearing: regular addition of lubricating oil, timely replacement of problems.

Two, matters needing attention in mine vibrating screen:

1. the start up of mine vibrating screen should follow the sequence of technological system.

2. in the operation of the mine vibrating screen, we should inspect the working condition of the exciter and the screen box with visual and auditory sense. After the mine vibration screen is stopped, touch the bearing cap near the hand to check the temperature rise of the bearing.

3. the stopping of mine vibrating screen should conform to the order of technological system. Except for special requirements, the mine vibrating screen is strictly prohibited to continue feeding to the sifter after the material is stopped.

4. during the shift of mine vibrating screen, the technical condition and found fault of the duty sifter should be recorded on duty record. The damage category of the parts and the date of the vibration absorber and the oil change should be specified in the vibration screen.

5. Mine vibrating screen is a high-speed movement equipment, mine vibrating screen operation patrol personnel to maintain a certain safety distance, in order to prevent mine vibrating screen personal accidents.

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