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Special Requirements For Coatings In Vibration Sifting Equipment
Aug 24, 2018

There are many types of coatings. Here we use waterborne coatings as test materials, which contain a small amount of impurities. The test data provided by users is about 4 % of the impurities. The vibration sieves used in its existing workshops are simple models. There are many problems. The structure design is unreasonable, and the dregs that are filtered out are not able to be discharged smoothly. With the increase of the use time, the blocking of the network is becoming more and more serious. Workers have to stop and clean up the screen surface, which delays production and reduces production efficiency. Therefore, in addition to considering the filtering effect when designing slurry filtration, it is also necessary to take into account the problems that may arise. In this way, the designed rotary screen is a model that meets the user's requirements.


1. However, one aspect that needs to be considered in the design of the equipment is that after the slag is filtered out, it is necessary to achieve automatic slag discharge, while at the same time minimizing the slurry to be discharged from the discharge gate along with the slag. We know that there is a layer of structural design. Rotary sieve has two discharge outlets. How the dregs filtered on the sieve surface are discharged as soon as possible, and the normal slurry is quickly sifted instead of staying on the sieve surface. This is a more critical issue. Poor handling of this problem will affect the filtering effect of the rotary sieve. Generally, when the slurry is filtered, the screening is usually required to quickly prevent the accumulation and splashing of the body on the sieve surface to pollute the production environment. Therefore, corresponding changes need to be made to the vibration sieve so that the time for the slurry to pass through the sieve is shortened and the production is increased.. However, when the general slurry is filtered, the rotary screen designed by the general structure can meet the requirements for use. However, for the type of slurry such as waterborne coatings, the body needs to be improved, so that the horizontal force generated by the vibration motor during the operation of the equipment increases. Vertical force decreases, To prevent splashing of the slurry, while accelerating the filtration speed of the slurry, this involves the improvement of the motor part.

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