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Specification For Installation Location Of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Transducer
Aug 23, 2018

Ultrasound vibrating screen is developed to solve the problem of screening. It is a product derived from rotary vibrating screen. The main reason is that rotary vibrating screen can not solve the problems of static electricity, adsorption, light weight and other materials in screening. The important thing is the ultrasonic transducer, which combines the ultrasonic and vibrating screen perfectly. After years of research Only then achieved today's ultrasonic vibration screen, processing capacity doubled and screening more sophisticated, so favored by customers, the following ultrasonic transducer installation position to do a simple explanation.


Ultrasonic transducers can be classified into two categories.

1. built in type: the built-in type is to install the transducer in the middle position of the grid.

2. External type: The external type is to install the transducer on the outside of the screen frame, extending out of the position at the edge of the grid.


The advantages and disadvantages of the two mounting positions of ultrasonic transducers are:

From the installation position, it can be seen that the built-in transducer can not avoid contact with materials and in the middle of the grid, for some conductive and corrosive materials, contact with the transducer will reduce its service life, but also affect the output frequency and reduce the accuracy and output. Because the external transducer is installed on the outside of the sieve machine, it is not in direct contact with the material, so it can effectively protect the transducer to improve the service life, screening accuracy and output. The built-in transducer needs to remove the screen frame for cleaning, while the external transducer is installed outside the screen frame, so cleaning is more convenient.


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