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Swing Sieve
Aug 24, 2018

Analysis of Fry pattern problem in base welding of swing sieve during use

Swing sieves will have some problems during the operation. During the use process, regular inspections will be conducted: including weekly inspections and monthly inspections. According to the results of weekly inspections, whether the swing sieves have failed, and if they fail, they will be repaired in time. The next point is to explain how the swing sieve vibrator appears to fry?

First of all, we need to understand the swing sieve oscillator, which is a device attached to certain machinery and equipment to generate excitation force and is an important part of mechanical vibration.

Next, let's look at the excitation device. The important components of the excitation device are the flutter block and the shaft. The main material of the shaft is 40 Chromium. The hardenability of the steel is higher than that of the 45 steel. After high-frequency quenching and flame quenching, it is even more "rigid." The swing sieve welded with the shaft is partially Q235. The welding material is an ordinary welding wire, and the shaft is inlaid in the steel plate. The welding wire plays a beautiful role. If there is a slight fry or crack that does not affect the operation of the overall swing sieve, please do not be nervous. If the swing sieve appears large shaking or loud noise, please contact us in time, we will help you resolve as soon as possible.

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