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The Difference Between A Linear Vibrating Screen And A High Frequency Vibrating Screen
Feb 09, 2018

Linear vibrating screen and high-frequency vibrating screen in industrial production are more commonly used two kinds of sieve machine, we are also relatively familiar, then the two sieve machine What are the similarities and differences? Xiaobian today from the working principle, purpose, characteristics and other aspects to give you an analysis.

Linear vibrating screen (linear screen) is an efficient new type of screening equipment, widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry. Linear vibrating screen (linear sieve) is stable and reliable, less consumption, low noise, long life, stable mode, high screening efficiency. The linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibrating motor. When the two vibrating motors rotate synchronously and reversely, the exciting force generated by the eccentric blocks cancel each other in the direction parallel to the motor axis and overlap in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft A force, so the movement of the sieve machine for a straight line. The two motor shafts have a dip angle relative to the screen surface. Under the combined force of exciting force and self-gravity of the material, the material is thrown up and lean forward for linear movement on the screen surface so as to achieve the purpose of screening and grading the materials. Can be used in assembly line automation. With low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, closed structure without dust overflow characteristics. The highest screen mesh 400 mesh, can be screened out of 7 different particle size of the material

  High-frequency vibrating screen is a filter with low energy consumption, high frequency and perfect filtering effect. It is suitable for screening and filtering of any powder, grain and mucilage in food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, abrasive ceramics and metallurgy industries . High-frequency screen especially for ceramic industry in the glaze screening, the effect is very significant. High-frequency vibrating screen (high-frequency filter screen) of the work characteristics: small size, light weight, easy to move, the height of the shaker can be adjusted, the raw material and the sieve after the standard material were automatically discharged at each exit, automatic operation; High screening accuracy, high efficiency, any powder, grain, mucus are applicable; mesh does not block the powder does not fly, the highest number of mesh screen up to 400 mesh.

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