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The Main Components Of A Linear Vibrating Screen
Feb 09, 2018

The linear vibrating screen is one of the most widely used vibration screening equipment. In production, for a linear vibrating screen, the good composition of each component can make it run normally. Today we give a detailed description of its components and its functions.

The driving vibration source of the linear vibrating screen is two horizontal vibrating motors, which synchronously and reversely run, so that the vibrating screen can be sieved, and the material will move in a straight line. It will work repeatedly and finally achieve the purpose of screening the material. Damping damping can effectively achieve the purpose of shock absorption, and do not make too large exciting force to the support to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

All parts of the screen body of the linear vibrating screen are welded by rolling steel plate and profile, and the overall stiffness is good, and it is firm and reliable. The screen frame is high quality wood, light and durable, can also use the hook plate type; the ZKS type is the hook plate type or the press plate type. Screen mesh is metal wire mesh screen mesh or steel mesh, welding network, strip type network, and can also be required by the user to use other types of screen screen. The sieve body is supported on the lower frame by spring, and the effect of vibration damping is obvious. The screen cover usually uses Q235A carbon structural steel, and the strength of the screen cover is high, which can effectively achieve the dust proof effect.

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