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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve Pre-service Inspection
Jun 12, 2018

Installation inspection:

1. Insert the interface directly and tighten it according to the mark of the connection line of the ultrasonic generator, so that the power of the ultrasonic generator is properly connected to the ultrasonic interface of the sieve machine.

2. Turn the power switch of the ultrasonic generator to the minimum with the fine-tuning twist. Check whether the ammeter is abnormal (under normal circumstances, the current should be less than 200mA).

3. Check and debug the three-step vibrating screen filter, and make the material running track meet the standard running track.

4. Run the tri-dimensional vibrating screen filter (rotary screen), slightly drop some materials and fine-tune the power of the ultrasonic generator to reach an ideal condition.(the current should be less than 200mA)

5. Under the normal condition of ultrasonic vibration screen, the material can be uniformly filled and then enter the normal operation.

Product Features:

1.Can solve sieving difficulties such as high adsorption, easy clustering, high static, high precision, high density, light proportion, etc.
2.Effectively control the sieving granularity scale,
3.Realize the high precision sieving to achieve the best sieving effect.
4.Screening precision can raise to 1~100%, the output can be raised to 0.5~10 times.
5.It can be used with single layer or multilayer.
6.A set of intelligent ultrasonic generator can be used with three controllers at the same time.
7.Self-cleaning function; 0~ 500m sieving, no-blocking sieving mesh,stable sieving efficiency.
8.Keep processed materials feature stable.

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