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Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve Uses
Jun 12, 2018

Product Description:

High efficiency Food  Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen for separating finest powder  is equipped with the smart ultrasonic control transducer which can convert 220V,50HZ or 110V 60HZ to the 18KHZ high frequency energy so as to achieve the high efficiency sieving and screen net self cleaning purpose.On the basis of traditional vibrating screen, there is an additional ultrasonic vibrating mechanical wave of low amplitude and high frequency on the screening mesh.The wave can improve the screening performance of the super fine powder.


The Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen has already become the most important sieving technology in the Vibrating Screen Industry. It is ideal for solids/solids and solids/liquids applications. it's characteristic of high precisely sieving efficiency in pharmaceutical, metallurgy, chemical,mining, food etc.,

Detailed Applied fields:

Ultrasonic screening machinery has prominent advantages in solving materials sieving problems such as high absorption, easy agglomeration, high static, high precision degree, light weight ,etc. And it is widely used in size classification, product reclamation ,screening and liquid cleaning. Details are as follows:
Chemical industry: resin, pigment, cosmetic, coatings, medicine powder
Food industry: sugar powder, starch, salt, rice noodle, milk powder, egg powder, sauce, syrup
Metallurgy and Mine industry: aluminum powder, copper powder, ore alloy powder, welding rod powder,
Medicinal industry: all kinds of medicine
Waste treatment: disposed oil, disposed water, disposed dye waste water, active carbon

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