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Vibrating Hopper
Aug 23, 2018


Feed particle vibrating hopper with good sealing performance

1. Feed pellet vibratory hopper overview:

Feed pellet vibratory hopper is a feeding device which is rigid connection with silos. Vibration feeding hopper has good arch breaking performance. It can break arch and discharge continuously and evenly for all kinds of powder and granular materials in silo. It can eliminate the segregation of mixture with different particle size and different specific gravity when entering silo.

Feed particle vibrating hopper has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, stable operation, low noise, low power consumption, long service life, small maintenance workload and large adjustment range of productivity. Any bin suitable for circular, square, steel or concrete. It can be completely sealed and transported, and the dust can not be raised without polluting the environment.

Two. Feed pellet vibratory hopper features:

1. broken arch, feed, gate three as a whole.

2. feeding is continuous, uniform, regular and quantitative, and stepless adjustment.

3. the structure is simple, the installation is convenient and the operation is reliable.

4. good sealing performance, no need for local dust removal or antivirus. Light weight, low power consumption and low noise.

Three. Feed particle vibrating hopper conditions:

All kinds of silos and concrete silos; storage materials moisture content should not exceed 10%.

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