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Vibrating Screen For Ceramic Industry
Aug 23, 2018


Vibrating screen is also used in coating industry, food juice, liquid milk, soy sauce, aluminum silver pulp and other industries.

Taking YX-1000 type intermediate frequency screen as an example, the working characteristics of the machine are as follows:

The treatment capacity of 80 mesh mud YX-1000-1 is 9T/h (dry material), which can be used instead of roller screen; 220 mesh mud > 4T/h.

Energy saving, motor power 0.55KW.

(3) the service life of screen is long, usually about 30 days.

4. The motor adopts imported fully enclosed bearings, which is more convenient and effective to extend the service life of the equipment.

5. Edge design, slurry is not easy to splash, not easy to enter foreign bodies.

The machine seat, spring and vibrating body are treated with anticorrosion, which is not easy to rust and prolong the service life of the equipment.

5. Large opening design, slurry is not easy to splash, easy to observe the mesh surface, easy to clean screen.

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