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Which Sieving Requirements Must Use Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen
Aug 23, 2018

The material of vibrating screen is generally all-carbon steel, semi-stainless steel, all-stainless steel, most of the vibrating screen is carbon steel, and in the face of some special circumstances need stainless steel vibrating screen to complete, I will briefly explain under what circumstances the use of stainless steel vibrating screen is more appropriate.


1.Hygiene standards

For enterprises with strict hygienic standards, such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, beauty industry, etc., these industries have high hygienic requirements, carbon steel vibrating screen in the screening process will inevitably produce hygienic pollution to materials, and stainless steel vibrating screen can solve this problem very well.

2. Material characteristics

For example, stainless steel vibrating screen can be used when encountering problems of viscosity, moisture content, static electricity, light specific gravity and easy agglomeration, and some materials have certain corrosiveness. The effect of plastic vibrating screen is better if fruit wants better corrosion protection.

3. Production environment

Because the stainless steel vibrating screen is fully closed operation, will avoid dust splashing, for the production environment requirements of the enterprise is too appropriate, and stainless steel vibrating screen exquisite appearance, is your only choice.

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