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Working Principle And Application Range Of Roller Screen Sand Machine
Feb 09, 2018

The roller screen sand machine mainly consists of motor, reducer, roller device, frame, seal cover and import and export mouth. The roller device is tilted on the rack. The motor is connected by a coupling through a coupling through a reducer and a roller device, and the driving roller device rotates around its axis. When the material enters the cylinder device, due to tilting and rotating drum device, so that the screen material turnover and rolling, the qualified materials (sieve products) is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, the unqualified materials (sieve products) is discharged through the discharge port of the cylinder tail. As the material is turned and rolled in the cylinder, the material in the sieve hole can be popped out to prevent the sieving hole from blocking.

The working principle of the roller screen sand machine:

The roller screen is composed of five parts, hexagonal drum, frame, funnel, reducer and motor. After crushing the stone into the drum, on the one hand, it is screened along with the rotation of the drum. On the one hand, the large size stone flows along the slope of the drum, and is sieved out through the screen mesh of different network purposes. Small stones are sifting out into their funnels and then transported by hand or sent to the finished pile.

The use of roller screen sand machine:

The roller screen separator is easy to close and collect dust, is small in maintenance, simple in maintenance and long in service life. It is the equipment used in the classification of refractory material, coal, river sand and sand and stone.

Scope of application:

One. The stone yard is used for the grading of the stone and the separation of soil and stone powder.

Two. Sand stone field is separated from sand and stone.

Three. For lump coal and pulverized coal separation and washing coal industry (part of coal washing machine).

Four. Chemical industry, the beneficiation industry is used for grading and separating powder material.

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