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Rotary Soil Sieve For Sale

Rotary Soil Sieve For Sale

Soil screening with vibrating screen, referred to as "soil sieve, medium high capacity makes it even more popular in the industry users favor, mainly used in size separation, the inside of the other impurities such as debris, sticks separately, in addition, the flexible application in......

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The standard soil screen has the advantages of low noise, standard screen, screen, sample filter efficiency, high precision, the standard screen is widely used in metallurgy, powder, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, geology, national defense and other departments of scientific research and production, laboratory, quality inspection room.

Sand screen, cement screen, etc., are in accordance with the requirements of the industry mesh mesh mesh tolerance in line with B/ t6003.1-1997, GB/ t6003.2-1997, GB/ t6003.3-1997.

The standard screen user's demand is various, but the mesh precision, the screen frame matches the precision, the material is the basic request.

Soil sieve, stone screen, sand and gravel aggregate sieve, sieve, quasi pavement base asphalt concrete screen, railway ballast screening, lime water standard sieve sieve, cement, fly ash water negative pressure sieve, sieve, cement standard sieve, sieve, the new standard of fly ash cement standard screen is xinxiang big fellow vibration machinery co., LTD has its own research and development of a new generation of screen to items used in the laboratory, laboratory, screening, screening, grading inspection department for granular, powdery materials such as granular structure, liquid solid content and the amount of clutter accurately screening, filtering, detection.

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