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YINXING swing vibrating screen

Use of swing vibrating screen

YINXING Swing Vibrating Screen is a new type of multi-purpose high efficiency screen equipment specially designed to meet the requirements of large output and high density.Due to its unique structure and working principle, the swing vibrating screen is especially suitable for the screening of fine materials and fine powder materials.Its new design concept and unique structure make it the most similar to the manual screening operations screen equipment. Cleverly combine the sieve (planar circular motion), winnowing (upward projectile motion),The best screening effect can be achieved by adjusting the longitudinal and tangential angles and changing the time of material staying on the screen surface and moving route.It successfully simulates the effective principle of manual screen movement (screening accuracy, efficiency and screen life are 5-10 times that of conventional circular screen).

YINXING Swing Vibrating Screen is suitable for mining industry, foundry industry, grinding material, building materials, cement, chemical industry , chemical fertilizer, medicine, light industry, paper-making industry, Food Industry,sugar industry, salt industry, grain industry, And so on each kind with the granule, the powder granule related profession dry, the wet sieve cent。

The  structure principle of  swing vibrating screen

From the running track, the swing virating screen is a nonlinear inertial vibrating screen.The basic rotary motion is similar to that of the Manual screen equipment. The eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low-speed v-belt drives are adjustable from 120 to 360rpm.The duration of each product can be adjusted by the radial and cutting angles of the swing vibrating screen towards the drive axis.The material is evenly distributed on the entire screen from the center to the outer edge, and thus propagates to the axial direction with spiral movement.Fine particles thus complete the whole screening process.The horizontal and vertical accelerations increase with the movement of the particles and the particles close to the size of the mesh are successfully separated.Large pieces of material are transported to the outlet. The outlet is controlled by an adjustable guide device which is another factor controlling the material retention time.This process is repeated between each screen layer

Feature of YINXING swing vibrating screen

1.Compared to Traditional screening equipment such as rotary vibrating screen and linear vibrating  screen the swing vibrating screen can reach up to 5 times the capacity per unit area.

2.It can effectively imitate the manual screen movement and process, and the material presents a spiraling motion track on the screen surface, making the material walk a relatively long distance on the relative area, and the screening accuracy is up to 90% to 95%.

3.Compact design, round building block type assembly structure. Equipment relatively small volume, light weight, optimized weight balance. Low dynamic foundation load.Installation. Easy removal.Discharge port 360.Any adjustment in the circumference facilitates the process layout

4.Working with low frequency and small load, the acceleration is 4.5 times lower than the vibrating screen, and the vertical acceleration value of material particles is low, which makes the screen not easy to damage and extends the service life of the screen, which is conducive to improving the service life of the equipment and reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

5.In addition, the gentle swing vibrating screen power system has little effect on the equipment and the screened material, and will not damage the original structure of the material particles. It is not easy to generate static electricity.

6.The fully enclosed structure has good sealing and dust removal effect. There is no leakage of material dust. It is more environmentally friendly and safer for workers to operate.

7.The screen surface can be conveniently added with a variety of net cleaning devices, which can effectively solve the problem of screen surface blockage and ensure the continuity of the screen.

Five different efficient net cleaning devices are available for you to choose, such as bouncing ball cleaning net surface, rolling brush cleaning net surface, jet cleaning net surface, elastic scraper cleaning net surface, ultrasonic technology cleaning net surface.

8.Noise pollution is small, noise <75 decibels.

9.Using ordinary motor as power source, the service life of vibration motor is several times higher than that of vibration motor

Outline of  YINXING swing vibrating screen


Technical parameters of swing vibrating screen







active area m2






effective diameter (mm)












Motor power






size(mm) 1/2






Cleaning systems

Optional: powerful silicone ball, ultrasonic wave, scraper, rotary brush,

Note: each YINXING vibraing screen is designed by our professional technicians to double the mesh capacity and screen accuracy of the screened materials.

At the same time, YINXING mechanical technology department can adjust the rotating speed, eccentricity, radial force and tangential force according to the physical characteristics of materials and different screening requirements, so as to change the stopping time and moving route of materials on the screen surface and ensure the best screening effect.

According To Customers Requirements Or Material Characteristic, We Can Design Special Style (Type,Size, Distance From Ground) Of Feed Port ,Discharge Hole ,Viewing Port,Also Can Be Added In Any Production Plant.

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1.Screen Material

  • A.Material Name: 

  • B.Particle Structure(Density): 

  • C.Water Ratio: 

  • D.Temperature: 

2. Sieving Purpose

  • A. Removing Impurities 

  • B. Classifying 

  • C. Dispersing 

  • D. Filtration 

  • E. Other Purpose: 

3.Processing Requirements:

  • A. Capacity (Kg/H Or L/H): 

  • B. Screen Specification (Mesh Or Mm) & Classify Into  Grades

  • C. Running Time: 

  • D.Special Requirements: (High Temperature Resistance, Acid-Proof, Oil Resistance, Static-Free, Blast Protection ,Sealing Requirement,Caking Or Not,,Regular Shape Or Not) 


  • A.Size Of Inlet: 

  • B.Size Of Outlet: 

  • C.Size Of View Port: 

  • D.Distance Between Outlet To Ground: 

  • E.Others: 

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