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Chemical Tumbler Screen

  • Tumbler Sieve Machine

    Specification of tumbler sieve machine Product Name tumbler sieve machine Description Tumbler sieve machine is special designed a highly efficient screening machine to meet the large production, high precision manufacturers. It is by far the most effective exercise simulates...

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  • Round Tumbler Screening

    product description: The YBS circular swing screen can meet the requirements of large-scale, high-density screening. It is a multi-purpose, new and efficient screening equipment specially designed. Due to the unique structure and working principle, the oscillating screen is...

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  • Square Tumbler Screening

    The role of the R series square swing sieve is to simply pursue the screening accuracy and sacrifice the production cost, while the pursuit of large output will reduce the precision. RFYB square rocking screen is another new design for the above problems, with high precision...

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  • Paint Shaker Tumbler Screen

    Paint shaker tumbler screen Detail Parts of Tumbler vibraing screen Machine The technical data below is just parts of our standard products, if you need other model or even customized machine, please contact us . Paint shaker tumbler screen can sieve material that easily...

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  • Cosmetics Tumbler Screen

    Item Name cosmetics tumbler screen Material carbon steel, contact part stainless steel Application grading, filtering, removing impurities Net cleaning methods bouncing ball, brush, ultrasonic device Layers 1-5 Sieving efficiency ≥95% Mesh range 10mm to 500mesh Features 1.Up...

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  • Resin Swing Screen Tumbler Screen

    Resin swing screen tumbler screen Resin swing screen tumbler screen machine is a kind of inertial equipment with mature technology and classical application. Its new design and unique structure make it the closest manual screen machine. The Tumbler sieve machine have bright...

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  • Three Layers Tumbler Screening Machine

    SY series tumbler screen machine is a kind of inertial equipment with mature technology and classical application.Its new design Philosophy and unique structure making it the closest manual screen machine .The swing screen have bright application prospects for its perfect...

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  • Multi Layer Tumbler Screening Machine

    Product Description Working Principle Because of the motion trajectory of the griddle box, the Tumbler screen machine is also called compound circle screen. The vibration force produced by the driving system is a kind of inertia force, which is circling the dead axle and...

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  • Single Layer Tumbler Screening Machine

    Description of circular swing screen: The design of circular swing screen is a kind of ultra - large output, high precision screening equipment. An efficient screening device specially designed for special materials. The simplest screening of a circular swing screen is to...

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  • Square Vibrating Screen

    Product Overview It features reasonable design, simple structure, smooth operation, fully closed structure, dust-free dye, prevent hole, anti-sticking network advantages, widely used in chemical industry, food processing, refractory materials, building materials industries...

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  • Circular Shaker

    Product name: circular swing screen. Product introduction: the circular swing screen can achieve high yield and high density screening requirements. It is a multi-purpose new high-efficiency screening equipment specially designed. Due to the uniqueness of structure and...

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  • Square Swing Screen

    Product name: square swing screen. Product introduction: the square swing screen is a kind of high precision and high efficiency screening equipment, it has the excellent effect of self-cleaning network, long service life and good sealing effect. Widely used in chemical and...

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