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Round Tumbler Screening

Round Tumbler Screening

product description: The YBS circular swing screen can meet the requirements of large-scale, high-density screening. It is a multi-purpose, new and efficient screening equipment specially designed. Due to the unique structure and working principle, the oscillating screen is particularly suitable......

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tumbler round vibration screen machine features

1. High efficiency, refined design, duration and low cost of maintenance .

2. Low frequency,light load,the power system equipment cause little damage to the swing screen and the material.

3. Small volume light weight, easy installation, low power consumption, low noise.

4. High output, High efficiency,the filtration efficiency is more than 95%.

5. Sealing structure, no powder pollution.

6. The adjustable range of the discharge port is 0-360 degree.

7. Easy to change replace the mesh screen, suitable for classifying both wet and dry materials.

8. The problem of jaming is easily solved by installing cleaning device.

tumbler round vibration screen machine working principle

The instantaneous motion along the radial displacement and this displacement axis circular motion synthesis (spiral motion). it can adjust the eccentricity of the exciter nonlinear three-dimensional motion, the materials also produce the same the approximate manual operation movement, so as to achieve the purpose of screening, together with screening attachments can be obtained more ideal screening effect; suitable in a round, spherical, cylindrical, sheet-like, or even irregular shape and easy blocking network and requires precise sieving materials.

tumbler round vibration screen machine parameter

    tumbler round vibration screen machinetechnical parameter
ModelDiameter(mm)Screening surface (m²)LayerPower


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